Tips When Mowing

Tips When Mowing

landscaping designsInstall a mower strip around the lawn to make the mowing much smoothly.

When you are lawn mowing don’t allow children to play near you. There is a chance of injury when something flies out of the discharge chute. Also don’t ever let the kids ride the riding mower.

Mowing across the slope up and down may prevent an accident when lawn mowing a sloping area. You might also to use a riding lawnmower because they are safer when operated on a slope.

Best to Mow the Lawn

front yard landscaping ideasIt is best to mow the lawn when the grass is dry, As wet grass can cause you to slip and it can clump and clog your mower.

If the discharge chutes or blades of a power mower are clogs because of the grass and the engine starts to stumble turn off the engine and look if the blades are entirely stopped before raising the mower for you to remove the debris.