Landscaper’s Tips On Water Features To Add To Your Landscaping

With the spring season, most people work towards sprucing the landscaping in our homes. It is true that revamping the space or even brightening your curb up don’t need any particular time to do in your home. The best exciting way of adding a great feature in the home backyard is by adding a water feature to your landscaping. The task is very easily accomplished, which enhances the fancy and beauty of your backyard. The project doesn’t need to be very complicated since we have some bet feature waters you can add to your home and the benefits you will enjoy and you can have a Reno landscaping company give you advice.

1. Installing a Bird Bath

You can easily add a birdbath on your backyard which will highlight the water fanciness. They are available in various sizes and shapes, meaning you will be sure of finding a perfect bird bath which will suit your taste. The bird bath does not need plumbing or electrical work since it only needs to be filled up with water in your garden hose. They will also be attractive to various flying friends towards your yard, which you will like viewing them during warm seasons.

2. Creating a Mini Pond

When you create some little pond in your flowers and plants should be the best way of adding various additional beauty dimension inside the garden. The process is straightforward, and you can install it by yourself. When installing, look for something which should be your dispenser that will enable water is flowing inside the pond, and you may opt for the clay pot.

You should also use the laundry tub in catching the water which is in your pond’s base. Under your post, you will install the pond liner which goes towards the slope and ensures you tuck it over your tub rim. You can use the rocks and gravel at your pond’s base and in its surroundings. You can also use some soil since the soil inside may catalyze unsightly algae growth inside the water. You then have to fill the pond using hose water, and it can be refilled with rainwater if it is available.

3. Building The Recirculating Fountain

Installing fountains are very easy and give you a fancy look. It produces trickling sound of water in a beautiful summer which you may enjoy when viewing. You may opt to install a recirculating fountain using aluminum L-brackets, ceramic pot, large bucket, a submersible pump which has an attached fountain spray, screen material, and outdoor which has GFCI. For installing, you should dig a big hole in burying the bucket where you want your fountain to be placed.

Cut your L-bracket so it can fit your bucket top and create a mesh piece using wire cutters which will fit over your pot snugly and cut at its middle, a hole where you will sneak your hose. Place your pump at the bucket’s bottom and run the tubing up at the pot and mesh. Apply some silicone caulk as you attach fountain nozzle towards the top then give it some time to dry. Lastly, add power and water to make the fountain ready for use, which enhances the tranquility and the garden aesthetic.

4. Install Bubble Fountain

You may install a bubbling fountain using no drainage holes and ceramic pot, clear vinyl tubing, submersible pump, clear sealant of silicone waterproof, electrical supplies, and gravel. For installation of the bubbling fountain, the pot bottom should have a small hole which a pump power cord can fit. Cut your cord into half and thread it via that hole and have it spiced back together.

Assemble your pot where you stuck it onto a sturdy brick, where you should use large rocks in holding the tub into the place you like. The tub’s end needs to be below your water line then seal that drilled hole using silicone sealant. After it is dried, add gravel and water increasing the aesthetic you like and ensure the pump is covered. Lastly, fill your pot using water as you trim that tubing the way you like so you can get bubbling effect that you want, but you shouldn’t cut it so much.

Benefits Enjoyed When Adding a Water Feature To Your Landscaping

1. It Brings A Nature Sound Into Your Doorstep

You will enjoy the nature soothing in your backyard for long hours without getting tired; hence, it brings you to nature. Currently, nature soothing sounds are directly provided to you in your backyard with this technology.

2. It Enhances Local Ecosystem And Attracts A Natural Wildlife

After installing a water feature, the wildlife will increase inside your property. There will be dragonflies and birds darting around. The backyard will hence become a beneficial wildlife haven. When you invite wildlife inside your backyard, will give you endless hours of educational and entertainment opportunities for your whole family.

3. They Fit Smaller Spaces Too

You shouldn’t avoid installing water features because the backyard is small. The pondless water elements always require minimal space, which enables you to enjoy water sounds with the increased wildlife by just consuming very less space. The water feature may be tucked inside the property area, which may have been thought of space wastage.

4. Maintenance Required Is Little

The pondless features have got texture, visual interests, and natural sounds with no much efforts. Large cascading waterfalls, simple wall fountains, and other pondless features will be the best choice if you won’t require to maintain your water feature. Such a feature makes their water to recirculate, essentially meaning no more water is used, and no bacterias will grow. The pondless water features have a pleasing appearance for the family that has young children since they offer safety.

5. You Can Make A Unique Landscaping Kind

When designing a water feature in your backyard, you will make a unique home. All water features need to be explicitly designed with the space you have. You can hand curve rocks for creating flowing beautiful waterfalls and elements

Adding a water feature to your landscaping attracts much wildlife, with a natural sound into the landscaping and they don’t need any maintenances. You will enjoy the landscaping backyard in your summer seasons when you have a water feature of your own.

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